Looking In To Federal Ways Crystal Ball

Looking In To Federal Ways Crystal Ball

It was announced this week (03/13) that Top Foods will be packing up and leaving after 22 years. This makes 2 retailers(Big Lots) and Baden Sports that have or announced their departures this year. Orion will be leaving for Auburn soon

So what will happen to the Top Food building after the merchandise and shelves have been removed and the doors locked? Another grocery store? NOT, demolish the building and rebuild something new, not likely or Big Lots new store,maybe. There has been good news in Federal Way though with a partnership from Magic Johnson and The Commons.

Right now would be a good time to ask our Mayor and City council to look in to the city’s crystal ball and see if there is something here with Top Foods leaving that fits into the vision of  the long talked downtown corridor. If Federal Way would realize that we don’t need  350k square feet of Wal-Mart in this town maybe the vision of a more organized downtown corridor with the PACC being not just a visual landmark on the hill but the centerpiece of the city could result. Problem with this version of  a vision is funding,vision and of course is this what the people of Federal Way want.

At last weeks council retreat a few of our council member’s indicated that in effect that they need to get something done,perhaps some are feeling the pressure of the community to either do something or hang it up. I have said in the Mirror recently with the PACC and AMC that we should not expect any further financial commitment until after the November election.I think that our council mainly the Mayor and the 3 council members that are up for election will not progress forward except talk and shuffle paper for fear of their rejection at the ballot, I think that playing it safe is the name of the game for the time being.

Just like going to the moon took determination and courage so does the process of creating a vibrant city. Top Foods arrived in this community just after the voters approved incorporation in 1990. We are long overdue for something to happen that keeps the community moving forward. It is time for our leadership to take us there or find someone else who can. There are many that have lived in Federal Way a long time and are still waiting to see the talk turn to action.


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