How About We Use Some Magic(Johnson) For The PACC

Some Good News Comes To Federal Way,Finally

It has been reported in the Federal Way Mirror March 7th online version that L.A.-based Canyon-Johnson Urban Funds a financial group owned by ex Los Angeles Laker star Magic Johnson is offering a cash infusion to rejuvenate The Commons AKA the Sea-Tac Mall..

Perhaps this is a good time for our City Council and Mayor to make a call to good ole Magic and see if they could start a discussion about a partnership in the long discussed PACC(Performing Arts and Cultural Center).

This partnership might have more traction than the failed attempt to build the Crystal Palace. The object of the City of Federal Way should be to take as much of the financial burden off the residents. Along with a Canyon-Johnson partnership much of the annual operating cost could be absorbed. A one dollar per PACC related ticket user fee would help offset cost as well.

So how much creativity and drive do our 6 council members and Mayor have. Do they have the motivation to pick up the phone and call Magic and see if there might be some interest from this group. This group might actually get this project moving on the fast track thus saving residents the cost that are going higher each day we wait. Seattle Mayor McGinn said on March 5th in regard to the Chris Hansen Sonic’s Arena project that the City of Seattle is currently turning away convention business,this is business we could have here in our city,is that not motivation to move now?

Just Maybe this partnership could be the driving factor in the development of long overdue downtown corridor. We can only hope.

Randall Smith


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