More Community Engagement Needed on PAC Say’s The Math

At tonight’s special City Council meeting (02/11) to discuss the progress of the PAC(Performing Arts Center) the city pointed to a survey in 2008 conducted by The National Citizen Survey that had several questions that had to do with “What is the single most important thing the City of Federal Way can do to make this a better place to live?”. One question/statement that said “USE CITY FUNDS TO BUILD A PAC IN DOWNTOWN TO SPUR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH”. 62% of the participant strongly agreed with that statement so lets do the math.

62% of 562 total participants = 348

348 divided by 88000 residents = .00394% of the total city residents.

It was not mentioned whether or not all participants were actually residents of Federal Way and the survey was addressed as it was a supporting document. Again .00394%

Should 348 peoples choice on a survey be a gauge as to how we as a community spend 35 million dollars. While yes the economy is chugging its way back, is this the right project for now without better data regarding interest from the community’s residents as a whole and not a select few that is pushing for this.

If this project is important to the community’s future then let the community decide at the ballot box,not some pre economic crash survey. The City Council if they believe this is the right project they should get out of chambers and take their pitch out to the community in a forum larger than 30 people and SELL IT.

Yes Federal Way needs a centerpiece,this would draw people to the city and generate revenue. The only other concern is size.The discussion tonight was for the theater to be a 540-700 seat auditorium,why not 1000 seats. There was nothing mentioned about drawing big named entertainment like that of the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma.

Far more community engagement should be required. This has the same feeling as a certain stadium in downtown Seattle where the peoples voice as a whole does not matter.

Randall Smith


2 thoughts on “More Community Engagement Needed on PAC Say’s The Math

  1. Federal Way cannot even support a convention center like Dumas Bay and Centerstage Theatre. How are they going to support a performing arts center? The numbers (already computed) do not add up for a 35 million dollar investment. Better real world accounting then legacy building. Get real city council !!

    • Thank you R. Wooley,

      The city is hoping to to raise %100 of the project funds. I guess they feel if they can keep the cost of construction of our backs that everything will be just fine and they will have washed their hands of liability. They still forget that annual upkeep which the community will be paying for for years like the Community Center. I have asked each council member and the Mayor why wont they give the community a chance to vote on it… so far I am still waiting for that answer.

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