A Different Form of Democracy at City Council

Today January 19th at Federal Way City Hall council chambers a diverse group of 20 individuals
offered themselves and their time to serve our community of almost 90,000 residents.

These 20 were there to interview for the vacancys left by Roger Freeman and Linda Kochmar due to
their being elected to the State House of Rep. Roger and Linda will be missed. Not only were there the
obvious ethnic and gender diversitys but career and community service diversity.  Some of the
candidates worked in marketing, others were CEO’s, small businss owners and one was retired. Most
have been involved in serving Federal Way for quite a few years.

Even though there was diversity of all sorts present to interview it was interesting to see that all of them
had a common theme in their statements to the council, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Most stated
that we need to grasp what it is we want to see in a revitalized downtown corridor and how the PAC
(performing arts center) will fit into the economic development of the city. There was discussion that
many in Federal Way do a share of their shopping at malls like Southcenter due to lackluster variety’s of
offerings by local and major retailers. The Kent Station project was mentioned as a consideration in the
downtown area,this has been very successful for the City of Kent.A Federal Way Station would bring
customers closer to the stores.

Other issues that had a common thread was the long anticipated Sound Transit light rail project , the
need for Federal Way to find its image and develop a mechanism to brand that.local JOB CREATION
was widely mentioned.  A mention by former city coucilmember Hope Elder in regards to the the PAC
was to take baby steps and not build something that doesn’t produce revenue or has a demand
for.Council,Chamber of Commerce and FWSD cooperation was discussed.

Today’s council appointments was an interesting process to witness, to see the level of dedication of each
of the 20 who put themselves out there. What was a more interesting thought even though we did not
each cast a vote at the ballot box democracy was at work and that process was moving forward.

In closing lets congratulate Councilmemeber Kelly Maloney and Diana Noble-Gulliford. They have
their work cut out for them as they see the city affairs through a different pair of glasses.

Randall Smith  cc4fw





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