What If Sequestration Was Up To You and Me.

What If  Sequestration Was Up To US.

Just imagine for several minutes if what our United States Congress just walked away from without doing anything worthy of what could be called a real effort that is unless you call obstructionism and taking the week before the deadline and a long weekend off is doing something constructive for the people.

This failure to act and resolve this issues regardless of your political views has reveled that our elected Representative in the other Washington are not working in our best interest otherwise like fiscal cliff we faced in December our politicians would not be waiting till the last minute to find a half baked solution.

So what if we could draft up a list of cuts and put them in the order they would be cut here is what I would start with.

1. Cut all Congressional pay by 99%…They are mostly millionaire lobbyist in waiting, they don’t need  anymore money.

2. Cut all Congressional medical benefits. They can buy it themselves to bridge their lack of work.

3. Reduce their Congressional travel allowance by 75%…. They have the peoples work to get done so shouldn’t be going home till the work is done.

4. Immediately reduce their staffing budget by 70%… maybe if the staffers are affected they will encourage their boss to get the job done.

5.  Cut out all of their housing allowance…. Lets just set up cots in the House and Senate    and lock the doors until like a Papel conclave they have an agreement.

6.  Cut the the pensions of retired members of Congress by 99%… They to are wealthy and maybe some extra peer pressure from the old class is necessary.

7.  Now lets start looking at programs

Somehow we need to get their attention. Maybe if they were the first affected they would take care of our business.

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